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A truck scale can be the most vital piece of equipment for many different types of businesses, truly becoming your “cash register” as you weigh product. A heavy duty, properly set-up, and well-maintained truck scale can last for a generation.

We specialize in working with customers to ensure they are getting exactly what their specific scale system calls for. We offer turn-key projects including a truck scale on a concrete foundation along with any accessories needed. If you don’t require a full project, we provide equipment sales as well.

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North Alabama Grain Storage Facility

A turn-key Rice Lake Weighing Systems truck scale package including a 70’ x 11’ OTR Steel Deck truck scale, concrete foundation, indicator, and printer with installation and calibration. This is a true “ready to weigh” system.

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Agriculture Chemical Distribution / Bulk Fertilizer Facility

When setting up a fertilizer house, a scale is a vital piece of equipment. This specific project included everything necessary to be “legal-for-trade” while handling materials.

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Local Farm Truck Scale Set Up

A truck scale system for your own farm is truly your own “cash register” to ensure you are being compensated for your crop.

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South Mississippi Port Facility

This project addressed the weighing needs of a port facility needing certified weights.

Leighton Farming Application

A turn-key installation for a local farmer with a grain facility. Weigh-Tec supplied the foundation, concrete ramps, 11’x70′ OTR Steel Deck scale, guide rails and remote displays.

Plastic Recycling Facility

An 11’x70′ Steel Deck truck scale installed and maintained by Weigh-Tec for a local plastic recycling facility.

North Alabama Co-op Large Grain Facility

This project required the install of two truck scales. The customer was in need of an inbound and an outbound scale to weigh trucks for their large grain facility.

BTek Retrofit for Transfer Station

When you need to replace an older worn out scale, a retrofit scale may be the route for you. A retrofit scale is a scale that is custom made to fit your existing foundation. This customer went with a retrofit Steel Deck Btek truck scale.

Concrete Deck for Ag Chemical Facility

This customer went with an 11’x70′ Rice Lake Concrete Deck truck scale for their Ag Chemical Facility. Concrete Decks are less common, but may be the rit fit for your facility.

Steel Deck for Transfer Station

For this 11’x70′ Rice Lake Steel Deck Truck Scale, the customer opted to leave the guide rails off and instead have concrete built up around the scale. The concrete ramps, truck scale, printer, indicator and remote displays were all provided by Weigh-Tec to complete this turn-key install.

North Alabama Farm Grain Facility

This truck scale turn-key package included an 11’x70′ Rice Lake Steel Deck Truck Scale, guide rails, foundation, concrete ramps, remote display, indicator and printer.

Southern Tennessee Farming Application

This large farming facility in Southern Tennessee turn-key package included an 11’x70′ Rice Lake Steel Deck Truck Scale, indicator, printer, foundation, concrete ramps, guide rails and laser light remote displays all provided, installed, calibrated and maintained by Weigh-Tec.

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