Find a High-Quality Truck Scale

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We know that the number of truck scales on the market today can make choosing the right one feel overwhelming. Weigh-Tec works with industry leading manufacturers to bring you high-quality truck scales you can be confident about.

What makes a high-quality truck scale?

A high-quality truck scale is designed to require less repairs and downtime from maintenance, meaning your scale will last longer. Your truck scale should easily handle all the challenges of your application with built-in features for long-term accuracy. We can help you understand the ins and outs of different manufacturer’s designs and testing procedures to ensure you find the perfect, high-quality truck scale for your needs.


The Purchase Decision

When you’re preparing to invest in a truck scale, you should plan for all current and future uses of the system. We can provide consultations to help you “future-proof” your scale system and ensure it meets the present and future requirements of your operation.


Protection Features

A high-quality truck scale should reduce the need for both scheduled and surprise maintenance. We can explain the features our manufacturers incorporate into their truck scale designs to reduce component failure and damage to the scale or foundation. These features include mounting techniques, electrical component protection, grounding and more.


Carefully consider the weighbridge design and the environment of your truck scale. If there is standing water under your truck scale or even condensation trapped inside the scale module, this can lead to premature corrosion. This can cause your scale to rust from the inside out, leading to total scale failure and replacement. Condensation and standing water also pose a threat to electronics. We can help you select a truck scale with design features that protect scale components from serious water damage. During scheduled maintenance calls, our technicians will also inspect the integrity of your truck scale to ensure it continues to perform accurately.


Lightning Protection

Many truck scale manufacturers include packages for lightning and transient spike protection to prolong your scale’s lifespan and reduce electrical component replacement. Proper protection for electrical components can be the difference between routine business operations and the unplanned downtime caused by emergency repairs. We can help you understand what protection each manufacturer offers including transient protection boards, single-point grounding, surge protection and more. These features all help ensure your truck scale lasts as long as possible, no matter how demanding your application is.


Scheduled Maintenance

To maximize the reliable performance of your truck scale, we recommend building a preventative maintenance program. The frequency of maintenance will be related to the number of trucks that pass over your scale every day as well as the axle loads of the vehicles being weighed.

Your Weigh-Tec scale technician will inspect your truck scale weighbridge, foundation, load cells and junction box as well as perform calibration and testing to ensure peak performance. We will work with you to create a preventative maintenance schedule so you can avoid lost time due to unexpected repairs. We are headquartered in Decatur, Alabama, but provide 24/7 nationwide support. We’re committed to helping you find the system that suits your needs and keep it in prime condition.