Truck Scales: The Basics

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Weigh-Tec is a certified scale dealer based in Decatur, Alabama and we sell, install and service truck scales all around the U.S. With over 25 years of experience in the weighing industry, we know our way around a truck scale.

What parts make up a truck scale?

The first part of a truck scale to consider is the foundation. Truck scales are typically installed with either aboveground or concrete pit foundations. Pit-type foundations need less space than aboveground foundations thanks to shorter approaches. Aboveground foundations due provide easier cleanout and don’t require sump pumps to combat corrosion due to standing water. State and regional requirements will determine the depth of your truck scale pit and the Weigh-Tec team can you plan the right foundation for your truck scale.

The body and driving surface of the scale is called the weighbridge, which can be made of steel or concrete deck modules that are connected during installation. Load cells measure the weight of the vehicle on the weighbridge. They are usually made of steel and incorporated into the corners of each weighbridge module in load cell pockets.

A junction box, also known as a summing box, is responsible for matching the signal from each load cell and summing them into one signal. By summing the load cell signals and sending it to the weight indicator, the junction box equalizes the system for reliable, accurate weights. The weight indicator not only displays the weight information, it can control the entire truck scale system, including remote displays and printers.

Truck scale accessories are the finishing touches of your truck scale system. Ticket printers, scale data management software and printers can all be used to eliminate the chance of errors from handwriting weighment tickets. Remote displays, traffic lights and gates can help regulate the flow of traffic across your scale to keep operations running smoothly.

At Weigh-Tec, we work with industry leading scale manufacturers to ensure you have a scale that can stand up to the demands of your application. Contact us today to discuss the truck scale system that is right for your application.